You in a box


UNICEF delivered some rather interesting packages to the schools in Anguilla after the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma. A number of the packages were labeled as “School in a box” . Each of those packages were to service a class of forty students along with teaching material for teachers in the core curricula.

The “school in a box” made me reflect on how we as human beings are innately equipped with everything to take us to adult life. Taking for granted that we are being nourished with at least the basic necessities in life.

Often times though we look outward for the resources needed to help us live a better life but we failed to realized that if it is not birthed within us we are fighting a losing battle.

Yes no one is an island but that WHY for wanting or doing something must be birthed in us first before outside agencies can assist.

What is your WHY?

Do you have a why that is strong enough to keep you working in the wee hours in the night. Is your WHY strong enough so that you would invest your hard earned money to see it come to past?

Is your WHY strong enough to not allow detractors from dissuading you from going after your Dreams?

Yes having a strong why is self empowering as it is energy that comes from within.

Living our true self requires us tuning in to the inner man where clarity is at the best. No wonder the Bible states that the laws will be written on our hearts and that the Holy Spirit will dwell within us.

Now living your best life includes being in good shape. Exercise is an important aspect of living well. I have come across this system that allows me to accomplish my goals on my terms. Watch this introductory video and comment below while you are here reading this blog.

Making a difference!
Perry “Thegift” Richardson



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