A New Start!!!

This is the post excerpt.


Starting all over is such a daunting endeavour that many choose to quit instead. It is in starting over though that we are able to achieve the set goals in our life. I am reminded about starting over every morning as I see the Sun rising, casting a beautiful array of light through the morning sky.


In life we will encounter dream halting experiences but some how like the sun is able to rise each morning we have to find that ray of hope to keep carrying on.

After the passage of Hurricane Irma over the tiny island of Anguiila, where I live, many thought that we were wiped out. One commentator said that if we couldn’t handle a category 2 hurricane how could we survived a Category 5 one.

We did!

Anguilla is bouncing back quite well as we try to operate to some sense of normalcy post Irma. Communication is key as electricity and internet were both wiped out during the hurricane.

Many parents were concerned about their children schooling and made the decision to transfer them to another school in a different country. However today our schools are in session in some cases operating under a shift system.

Anguilla will rise to an even better state as we rebuild replacing the downtrodden with new structures that future Anguillans are worthy of.




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